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How does the classroom experience inform TFA corps members’ career trajectories?

There is no shortage of inspiring TFA alumni leadership stories, and more appear as our alumni base grows and matures. While research into how the corps experience informs alumni career trajectories are relatively rare, three research studies on this topic stand out.

One study published in 2011 examined the work histories of founders and top management team members of 49 nationally prominent entrepreneurial education organizations. It concluded that more founders and top leaders started their careers with TFA than anywhere else. Fourteen of the 49 entrepreneurial organizations had at least one top management team member whose past work history included TFA.

Another study in 2015 found that those who have gone through TFA are more likely to work in education compared to those who applied and were close to being admitted but did not complete TFA. It also found that TFA alumni were more racially tolerant and more optimistic about life prospects of low-income children.

Additionally, a rigorous, quasi-experimental study found that corps members’ perceptions of disadvantaged communities were affected by their experience in the corps. Compared to similar applicants who did not participate in the corps, TFA alumni exhibit less class-based and racial resentment, increased identification with disadvantaged minorities, and higher agreement on how systemic injustice affects educational and other social outcomes.