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Can I apply to the corps if I have a family and won’t be able to relocate?

Yes - you can certainly apply if you have kids and we’ll do our best to make sure you won’t have to relocate. If you’re invited to an interview, you’ll complete the pre-assignment form, where you can indicate any special circumstances that might make it difficult to relocate. Our Assignment Team will do everything in their power to make sure you and your family stay put. Granted, sometimes we’re limited by the needs of your preferred region and what you’re eligible to teach, but we’ll work with you to try and meet you and your family's needs.

Please remember that you will still have to attend our six-week summer training, which may not be in the same location as your regional placement. We can arrange family housing for corps members who choose to bring family to the summer training and can also provide information about childcare services, although Teach For America does not provide childcare. More details about this will be available if you are accepted to the corps.