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Does Teach For America offer loan forgiveness?

Teach For America doesn’t specifically offer loan cancelation or forgiveness to corps members. As a nonprofit organization with limited funds, we simply don’t have the resources to forgive the student loans of all of our corps members.

However, some school districts and programs offer loan cancelation to teachers who serve a number of years in a school district. You can review a brief list of these programs on our teacher discounts and benefits page. Please keep in mind that these programs are completely separate from Teach For America, so you will need to contact them directly for further information.

Teach For America is also a member of AmeriCorps, the national service network. Through this relationship, our corps members are AmeriCorps members and are eligible to receive forbearance and interest payment on qualified student loans during their two years of service. Additionally, those who have not previously received AmeriCorps awards may receive an education award of around $5,815 at the end of each year of service, which may be used towards future educational expenses or to repay qualified student loans. However, given the uncertainty around AmeriCorps funding and the nature of the AmeriCorps competitive grant process, we cannot guarantee these benefits to all corps members.

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