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What does a typical day/week look like for an RM and RA?

RMs spend their time executing across a diverse set of strategies, working from home offices, TFA regional offices, and college campuses across the USA. 

RMs spend a majority of time engaging with TFA corps candidates at different stages of the applicant continuum (virtually and in-person), in pursuit of their application and matriculation to the TFA corps. RMs also engage with influencers in their campus community, such as career service offices and professors.

As part of their recruitment campaign, RMs plan and execute compelling events, such as classroom visits, career fairs, panel discussions, dinners, and happy hours. They build relationships to invest and engage TFA regional teams and the broader alumni base in recruitment strategy. In collaboration with the marketing team, RMs plan and execute TFA marketing and brand awareness strategy within their campaigns. Many RMs will spend time hiring, managing, and coaching a team of part-time undergraduate interns called Campus Campaign Coordinators and Ambassadors.

RAs work from either TFA regional offices or from a home office, and spend their time focusing on prospect identification and written prospect communications.

RAs plan and execute strategies to build a strong and diverse pipeline of TFA corps prospects. In collaboration with teammates, they plan and send initial communication with potential corps candidates, compelling them to meet with a RM. Additionally, RAs create and maintain systems for team organization, prioritization, and execution of key campaign work streams. Many RAs will also contribute to the planning and execution of TFA marketing and brand awareness strategy.