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Will I get to select the region where I will teach?

Once you’re admitted to the corps, you will have the opportunity to research and select your preferred regions on the Applicant Center. During your research you'll reflect on the factors most important to you in a region, compare regional factors (like cost of living, master's degree options, and more), and eventually build a strong list of regions that are a great fit for you. When determining your placement, we do our best to put you in one of your most preferred regions, as long as your qualifications match the requirements.

We do our best to place corps members in regions, subjects, and grade levels where are they are excited to teach—we call these highly preferred regions. 

The likelihood of being assigned any one of your highly preferred regions depends on several factors, such as matching the requirements for eligibility in the region (GPA, coursework, etc.), being available when the region has their summer training, and the number of placements available.

The five most popular regions are: Massachusetts, New York, Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Washington, D.C.

In 2017, 58% of applicants highly preferred at least one of those regions. Yet all five of those regions combined made up only 20% of our placements.