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What materials are required for the application?

Educational Model and Philosophy Reflection: Applicants will submit an artifact that represents your school’s vision, educational model, or philosophy; then engage in a series of reflection questions as it relates to the four pillars of an excellent education. Dimension of Excellence Short Response: Applicants will submit a short response describing which Dimension of Excellence they will be highlighting. Use this Schools To Learn From framework to learn more about the specific indicators for each dimension. Student Achievement Data: Applicants will provide school, local, and state standardized assessment data in English language arts and mathematics for the previous two years. We understand that many assessments are in flux at the moment, and we will ask you to provide context about what data you are submitting. Principal Letter of Support: If someone other than the principal is submitting the application, applicants will provide a one to two page letter of support from the principal. This letter should include why the principal believes the school is a School To Learn From and provide consent for hosting visitors if, selected.