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What do I need to do in preparation for working at institute?

Most staff members need to attend several weekend conferences in the spring to prepare for the institute. Also, they will likely need to participate in several training conference calls with pre-work.

If you have further questions about these dates and whether they apply to the position(s) you are interested in, please contact your institute or talent recruitment representative.

All staff members need to arrive before the start of Week 0 (the week prior to when corps members arrive for institute) and depart after the end of institute; however, the exact dates differ among institutes and positions.

Generally, instructional staff members (school directors, corps member adviser coordinators, curriculum coordinators, curriculum specialists, literacy specialists, and corps member advisers) need to arrive one to three days before the start of Week 0 and depart two to four days after the end of the institute. Depending on the institute, school directors may be asked to arrive even slightly earlier or stay later to build their school site relationships.

In general, operational staff members (operations directors, school operations manager coordinators, school operations managers, operations coordinators, and directors of data management) need to arrive at least two to seven days before the start of Week 0 and depart four to seven days after the end of the institute.

The start and end dates for each institute define the dates that corps members will be in attendance. Institute staff members will receive communication regarding exact move in dates and procedures from their institute management team at a later date.