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Where can I refer strong candidates for executive-level roles at Teach For America?

The Executive Talent Recruitment (ETR) Team on Teach For America’s Talent Acquisition Team is charged with matching passionate, mission-driven executive talent to senior-level openings across our organization and building long-term pipelines of senior talent.

We focus on hiring for roles at the Senior Managing Director level and above, including Executive Directors who lead our regions towards affecting life-changing outcomes in the short and long-term for children growing up in underserved communities.

Please e-mail if you would like to recommend someone for an executive level role at Teach For America.

In your message, please include the following information for the candidate you are recommending:

  • Full name; 
  • Email address; 
  • Current role/title and organization (if known); 
  • Location (if known); 
  • A brief explanation of why you think s/he would be a strong fit for Teach For America's staff.