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How long do TFA corps members remain in the teaching profession?

While TFA involves a two-year commitment to teach, approximately three-fifths of our corps members teach for at least a third year, and many more stay in the education field. Among alumni, teaching is the most common profession.

New research has helped shed light on employment patterns among alumni. We recently conducted an analysis of our alumni survey data and found that a substantial portion of alumni—more than half from some corps years—teach for five years or more. The average total of years in teaching ranges from 9.1 for our founding corps from 1990, to 2.9 for the 2010 corps. In every corps year, the majority teaches for at least three years.

This research aligns with prior work that found a 60.5 percent retention rate in the teaching profession beyond the two-year commitment and a 43.6 percent retention rate in the original placement school beyond the two-year commitment.